Spring – Botticelli




Botticelli probably created the Spring for the marriage of a cousin of Lorenzo the Magnificent Medici, in 1482. The scene shows a group of figures in an orange grove. Little is used in terms of perspective; while some atmospheric perspective is visible through the trees to the right and to the left. Most of the figures have limbs which are long and slender and appear rather elegant. In the center is the Roman goddess, Venus. Above her is a blindfolded cupid (her son), and behind him the tree limbs form an arch which conveniently frame Venus and provide her with a privileged position in the painting. To the far left Mercury, to the right of Mercury is an important group called the Three Graces. On the right side Zephyrus, the west wind, about to take a nymph named Chloris. This masterpiece is a testament to Renaissance humanist interests in classical subjects.

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