not copies, but true clones!


artevera® clones  are not copies painted by artists, which obviously show several differences both in shapes and colors from the original masterpieces.

in fact thanks to the  artevera® patented technique we are able to produce true duplicates of the originals!

our unique and exlusive cloning process allows even the reproduction of the painters’ original brush strokes. the three-dimensional brush strokes allow for an outstanding realism and will make you feel like you are in front of the original masterpiece!

the main difference between an artevera® clone and the original masterpiece is behind the painting: the clone will show new canvas and the artevera® logo, while the original will show aged canvas.

artevera® clones are produced in italy, utilizing the best possible materials, according to international environmental laws and in total compliance with copyrights and intellectual property laws.

we also offer framing services. If desired we can deliver artevera® clones with beautiful frames that perfectly fit the style and age of the duplicated painting. we can also produce custom frames that are identical to the ones on the original masterpieces.